How to prepare for CTET examination with full confidence?


Cracking CTET examination is not as easy as cakewalk. It is a tough examination and its success rate is low. Since the selection of candidates is done on merit list, you need to have a thorough preparation to pass this test with flying colors. It is not only hard work that pays off ultimately, but also your systematic planning and preparation. If you prepare haphazardly, you will not be successful in test. Then, the question that arises is: what to do? There are certain tips that you need to contemplate and they include the following:

  • First of all, you need to set your goal. For this purpose, you will have to know your strong areas where you need to lay more emphasis. As a result, you won't remain baffled or confused. You will be able to accomplish everything on a timely basis.
  • Read your syllabus thoroughly so that you cover each and every thing for the preparation of your examination. According to the prescribed syllabus, you should divide your time for your study. Lay more emphasis on those topics that need to be prepared first. Try to solve previous year examination papers. Doing so will give you an idea about what type of questions to expect in your forthcoming examination.
  • Child pedagogy is a vast concept subject that constitutes 30 marks. If you lay more focus on it, you will be attempting maximum questions that will result in your better scoring of your overall result.
  • Set your time for solving the paper. You should divide the allotted time of your examination for both solving and revising of your test. Do not waste so much time over a question in case you do not know the answer. Since there is no negative marking in CTET, you can make guesses but do not leave the questions unanswered.
  • Prior to commencement of the CTET examination, you should have ample practice. The more you practice by solving questions, the more competent you will be for your examination. There will be many multiple choice choices and you will be required to solve them in the shortest possible time. Wasting more time on a single question will deprive you of a chance to solve other questions.
  • Crash courses will prove very useful for you in the preparation of CTET examination. They create a competitive atmosphere for you so that you do not feel nervous and anxious while taking your examination.

Last but not least, try to stay calm and stress free. For this purpose, rid your mind of unnecessary tension. Prior to two or three days of the commencement of your examination, do not try to learn new things. Just try to do revision and stay tension free. Take a good diet and avoid excess use of tea or coffee. Sleep for 7-8 hours and do some exercises to keep yourself active and agile. On the day of examination, reach the examination hall half an hour before time, so that you can easily find you seat and take your examination confidently.

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